"An Office away from your Office" is the concept based on which Danish Business Services Private Limited has been established in Chennai, India for catering to the needs of global organizations in the areas of Engineering, Information Technology and other Business categories. 

This Service set-up of highly competent resources in Chennai functions as an ‘Extended Arm’ of customers world-wide providing Cost advantages and Productivity.  Customers are provided with highly competent resources with specialized skills & industry experience on exclusive basis.  The resources work seamlessly with their counterparts  and add value to customers through high Competency, Efficiency and Cost benefits.

Cost plus pricing commonly known as the ‘open-book pricing’ is a cost-based method followed by DBS for setting the prices of Services. Under this approach, together the direct resource cost, overhead cost for the service is added. And then a profit margin is added in order to derive the price of the Service.


Our Vision is to become a most efficient and quality-driven One Stop Shop for all kinds of

competencies and resource requirements of organizations around the world


Our Mission is to recruit, retain and develop the most skilled employees

to empower our Customers achieve more


  • Exceptional client service and delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.

  • Operational excellence

  • A commitment to Integrity, Transparency, Fairness and Accountability

  • A great team and winning culture with dignity & respect for each other

Operating Structure

The Operating Structure of Danish Business Services Private Limited is based on Hub-and-Spoke model wherein Hub is the centralized Office DBS in a cost-competitive location Chennai.

Size of Hub in a location is based on the number of employees, nature & volume of tasks being handled.  Depending upon the need & nature of tasks, some tasks are carried out in this offshore Hub in full and some to the level of 80%.  DBS the Hub functions based on agreed processes & procedures and on ‘an exclusive extended arm’ model.

Spoke represents Companies OR Clients of DBS in high-cost regions for whom DBS has placed dedicated competent resources in Chennai Hub to work for them exclusively as their employees & as per their requirements.

DBS as aforementioned is the centralized Hub in Chennai and has responsibilities such as People development, Performance management on an overall level including handling of Quality & Compliance related matters whilst driving an efficient delivery standard to its Clients in satellite locations with high level of Client relationship management.

Through this Hub-and-Spoke model, Clients get advantages in the areas of ;

1. Capabilities development : Enables the use of competent regional capabilities such as specific skills & competencies to develop world-class quality of services at an optimized cost level.  Allows centralized control for skill development, resource utilization, operational efficiency and optimized processes for maintaining consistent performance.

2.  Cost advantage : Through this model, DBS ensures higher quality of service at lower costs to Customers by leveraging the local-availability of highly skilled resources in Chennai

3.  Improved time-to-market : Allows Spokes (Clients in high cost regions) to source talents where the capability is available. This creates a quicker turn-around time.

Customer Engagement Methodology


  • Master Service Agreement (MSA) Sign-off

  • Discovery Workshop and alignment on resource requirements

  • Statement of Work (SoW) Sign-off


  • DBS initiates recruitment process as per SoW. 

  • Customer approves final selection (Optional)

  • Onboarding of Resources completed (NDA, NCA, Background Check)

  • Exclusive Resources


  • Training & Induction plan is worked out  with Customer

  • Resources are sent to Customer’s facility for advanced training and familiarization with Customer team

  • Performance management and Reporting on performance is as aligned with DBS